Going Live - Live Streaming - Live Event

Going Live - Live Streaming - Live Event

Live events are managed in the "Media" module, under the "Live" tab.
Adding a new live event is done from the “+add” button.

Once created, select the live event and edit its name, and details.

On the “Permissions” tab, you’ll be able to change the privacy of your live event or monetize it.

Bamboo Pro Tip: We recommend setting start and end dates for your live events,
once set, the platform will add a countdown timer to your event,
and we will automatically record and ingest it after the session is done.
Please note the start and end dates are in UTC!

On the “Stream info” tab, you can find your “Broadcast Server Url” and “Stream Name”.

Bamboo Pro Tip: In order to “Go Live” you will need a streaming software, you can use any streaming software you'd like.
We recommend using“OBS”, it’s a free software and it's easy to work with.

In OBS (or your streaming software) click on the "Settings" button and go to the “Stream” tab.
Insert your stream information.

Bamboo Pro Tip: There are many names for these settings but for most,
“Broadcast Server Url” is the “Server” and “Stream Name” is the “Stream Key”.

Now, click “Start streaming”, on your streaming software, you should see it playing in Bamboo within 30 seconds.

Don’t forget to stop streaming when you're done.

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