Upload and add content

Upload and add content

In order to upload your content:

Navigate to the “ Media” module, new content can be added using the “+Add” button.

You can upload your videos using - Desktop, Dropbox, or a download URL link.

Bamboo Pro Tip: a direct link to a file will download the file to your computer when pasted to your address bar,
if you see a web page / HTML or a message, this is wrong.

We also have an option to add videos from  YouTube.
You can click the “ From YouTube” button, and fill in the YouTube video ID, and the video will be added to your video library.

Bamboo Pro Tip: To find your Youtube video ID, go to the video URL and copy the ID from the link, it’s usually after ”v=”.
YouTube videos are played using the YouTube player, to get your actual content from Youtube, contact us.

Watch the video tutorial hereUpload content

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