Activating the Roku Platform

Instructions for how to get set up to distribute through Roku

Bamboo cloud distributes apps for you under your company name. 
This is a requirement of the Roku platform and also an added benefit for a completely branded experience.  

In order to accomplish this, you will need to establish your own account through the Roku Publishing Program. 
Here are the steps:

  • Enroll in the Roku Publisher Program 
  • Enroll in the Roku Partner Payouts Program
  • Link a Roku device (new requirement as of May 2021)
  • Invite Bamboo cloud.

Step 1: Enroll in the Roku Publisher Program

Before you begin

You will need a Roku account to enroll in the program.

Enroll in the Program

Go to: and follow the steps to enroll.    

The program currently does not have a registration fee, but please note that as of May 2021, Roku requires a linked device to be attached to the account, which you must purchase on your own and attach to your account.  The program must be maintained throughout the life of your Bamboo cloud channel.

Be sure to complete all the steps of enrollment, including the account details.

Step 2: Enroll in the Roku Partner Payouts Program

Go to: and complete all the steps of enrollment.  Please keep in mind that you are agreeing to allow your subscribers to subscribe through the Roku In-Channel Products program. 

All purchases made through this program will be subject to fees as prescribed by Roku (currently 20%). These fees are additional to the per-subscriber fees paid to Bamboo cloud, and are paid directly to Roku through your Roku Partner Payouts Program and then transferred directly to you by Roku.  Bamboo cloud will report on these payments, but you are solely responsible for maintaining your banking and financial information in the Roku Partner Payouts Program.

Step 3: Link a Device

As of May 2021, Roku requires that your developer account have a linked device in order to upload any apps for distribution. You must own your own Roku device and link it to your account.

Please follow Roku's instructions found online here: How do I activate or link my Roku® streaming device?

Note: Before May 2021, Bamboo cloud managed this process independently, but this is no longer possible due to Roku's policy changes.

Step 4: Invite Bamboo Cloud 

Inside the Roku Publisher Dashboard, you will click on "Manage User Access" and then click "Add A User".  Or use this direct link to start adding a user:

Invite with the "Administrator" role:

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