Activating the Google Play Platform

Instructions for getting up-and-running on Google Play

Bamboo cloud distributes apps for you under your company name.  This is an added benefit for a completely branded experience.  In that way, your app will appear in Google Play with your name and no mention of Bamboo cloud.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to establish your own account through the Google Play Developer Program.  Here are the steps:

  • Create your Google Play Developer Program account
  • Create your Google Payments merchant account
  • Invite Bamboo Cloud as Admins.

Step 1: Create your Google Play Developer Program Account

Before You Begin

Creating a Google Play Developer account requires that you have a traditional Google account available. Make sure you have created a Google account (

Enroll in the Program

Go to: and click "Start your Enrollment'.  This process can be quick, or it can take a few days depending on your entity type and the verification that Google needs.  So it's best to start immediately.  

The program currently has a Registration Fee of $25.The program must be maintained throughout the life of your Bamboo cloud channel.

Be sure to complete all the steps of enrollment, including the account details

Important. The below instructions utilize the "New Play Console". If the instructions don't match what you are seeing, please switch to the New Console.

Step 2: Create your Google Payments profile

In the Google Play Console, we need you to create a Google Payments profil.
You would do that by going to the Google Play Console and going to Settings > Developer Account > Payment Settings - and follow the instructions there.

Step 3: Invite Bamboo cloud

From the Google Play Console (, go to Settings > Users and Permissions, and click the "INVITE NEW USER" button.

Invite with the "Administrator" role:

Once Bamboo cloud has been able to confirm all steps have been taken, your status will change to "Active" in the Bamboo cloud Dashboard, and development of your apps can begin!

Ongoing: Needs Attention

From time to time, Google will update its Terms & Conditions.  When this happens, the Bamboo Cloud team, may be blocked from managing the app and issuing new versions, etc.  We will notify you, but so will Google.  When this happens you will need to log into the Google Play Console and complete the necessary actions.

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