Activating the Apple App store Platform

Instructions for how to get set up to distribute through the Apple App Store

Bamboo-cloud distributes apps for you under Your company name. 
This is not only a requirement set forth by Apple, but also an added benefit for a completely branded experience. 
In that way, your app will appear in the App Store with your name and no mention of Bamboo-Cloud.

In order to accomplish this, you will need to establish your own account through the Apple Developer Program. 
Here are the steps:

  • Create your Apple Developer Program account
  • Agree to all of Apple's Terms & Conditions, including the "Paid Applications Agreement"
  • Invite to be an Administrator of your account.

Step 1: Create your Apple Developer Program Account

Go to: and click "Start your Enrollment'.  This process can be quick, or it can take a few days depending on your entity type and the verification that Apple needs.  So it's best to start immediately.  

Please Note: You are REQUIRED to enroll as an Organization for Bamboo cloud to be able to publish on your behalf

This will likely require you to have a D-U-N-S number, which you can get, even if you are an individual. If you do not already have a DUNS number, we suggest visiting and using the chatbot in the lower corner to start an inquiry. We also highly recommend just giving Dun & Bradstreet a call at their toll-free number (844) 237-5820.

The program currently costs $99/year and must be maintained throughout the life of your account.

Step 2: Agree to Terms & Conditions in App Store Connect

Apple has 2 systems - the Developer Portal (where app development happens), and App Store Connect (where app distribution happens).  After setting up your Developer Program account, please visit App Store Connect: and go to the "Agreements, Tax & Banking" module:

Once there, you will need to click on all agreements and accept them, as well as set up any necessary contacts required by Apple:

Please keep in mind that you are agreeing to allow your subscribers to subscribe through the Apple In-App-Purchases program.
All purchases made through this program will be subject to fees as prescribed by Apple (currently 30% for the first year and then lowered to 20%). There is a small businesses promotion that is active via Apple these days, and it lowers the fee to 15%, we recommend that you want to apply to it,

Please note that you are solely responsible for maintaining your banking and financial information in the Apple Developer Program.

Step 3: Invite Bamboo-Cloud

Still in App Store Connect, visit the "Users and Access" module and click the PLUS (+) icon to add a new user.

Invite with the "Admin" role:

Once Bamboo Cloud has been able to confirm all steps have been taken, we will email you, and the development of your apps can begin!

Ongoing: Needs Attention

A few times every year, Apple will update its Terms & Conditions.  When this happens, Bamboo Cloud may be blocked from managing the app and issuing new versions, etc.  We will notify you, but so will Apple.  When this happens you will usually see a warning module at the top of every page of App Store Connect like the below.  Simply follow the steps to complete.

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