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Use your own custom domain with Bamboo Cloud

Your Bamboo site comes with its own URL that's your Sub-domain at
By default, your first Bamboo site's Sub-domain is your account video id,
and is the address for your Bamboo site.

You can share that address with your customers, or you can set up a custom domain, e.g., to use with your Bamboo Cloud site instead. A custom domain name is included in the Bamboo Pro and Bamboo Enterprise accounts.

This article walks you through setting up a custom domain for Bamboo Cloud. You will need access to edit your domain's DNS records or zone files at your DNS hosting provider to follow these steps. 

In this article

  • Create a CNAME Record at Your DNS Provider
  • Add the Custom Domain to Bamboo Cloud
  • Common Questions

Create a CNAME Record at Your DNS Provider

  • You will use a CNAME record to create and redirect that subdomain to point to Bamboo Cloud servers. A CNAME record tells computers that when someone types in your custom domain ( that you want to actually load your Bamboo Cloud site (
  • The CNAME record you'll create is to point the domain address you'd like to use, e.g., to the Bamboo site URL in your Bamboo account, e.g.

Find your DNS hosting provider, if you're not sure who that is your DNS hosting provider is likely to be the service where you've registered the domain name or the hosting service where you host your website.
MX Toolbox's DNS Lookup is a helpful tool to discover public information about your domain — enter your domain there and you'll see a box near the bottom that will show the DNS hosting provider for your domain.

Create the record at your DNS hosting provider.
Please add an A record for your domain or subdomain to IP:

Each DNS hosting provider will have its own terminology and formatting for creating a CNAME record.

These are some of the bigger DNS hosting providers out there, but there are literally thousands (if not millions) of DNS hosting providers out there. We’ve included links to some popular providers’ help pages on CNAME or DNS below.

If you don’t see your provider listed here, you need additional help, or you’re not sure how to log in to your account at your DNS provider, you’ll want to reach out to their support for an assist. 

Note: These providers may make changes to their knowledge bases or help pages that we aren't aware of. If any of these links do not lead to a helpful article about CNAME or DNS records for that provider, please let us know!

Add the Custom Domain to Bamboo Cloud

To manage your custom domain navigate to the “Domain” module, under "Website".

There are 2 options of domains that you can add:
Add a custom domain- To add a custom domain, press the toggle on the top part of the screen and to “Add your own domain”,
and add the custom URL.

After you enter your new domain
, you can choose it as your default domain, and it will be used in all your quick links on the platform.

Note: DNS propagation can sometimes take a little longer, especially if you edited a CNAME record that existed previously. If more than a couple of hours have passed and you're not seeing your Bamboo Cloud site at your custom domain, reach out to our support team and we will check into things for you!

Common Questions

What steps do I need to take if I want to change my custom name or remove it? If you change your custom domain, delete the previous CNAME record you created at your DNS provider first, then create your new CNAME record and update your Domain module. The propagation time will apply to this change.

If you want to remove your custom domain name, remove the custom domain from the Domain module first, then delete the CNAME record at your DNS provider.

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