Stripe integration

How to connect your Stripe account

To start making money on your videos via subscriptions or PPV, you first need to add a payment gateway.
Bamboo Cloud can integrate with your Stripe account at no cost, we don't even take any fees!

To make the integration happen, we would need an endpoint and your secret/id.
And you would need to set a callback in stripe with your site URL.

This is currently done via our support (

Please send us your:  publishableKeysecretKeysigningSecret

For example-
"publishableKey": "pk_live_PpNIFVQ4y4bUq0kmErr"
"secretKey": "sk_live_ v7I9zV1TuB4vhIbqqwe1G7wtOBW56",
"signingSecret": "whsec_ q3augZp2CHxjwy4cvasdad2J8zWEqO5TmJrj7D"

Those can be found under the developer in  Stripe.
How to get the api keys-
Where to get the api keys-

And you need to set a callback to your Bamboo site, it needs to look like this:


For example:

When you set your callback, please make sure to add the events-
* customer. subscription.trial will_end
* customer.subscription.updated
* invoice.paid
* invoice.payment_failed
* invoice.updated
* payment_intent.payment_failed
* payment_intent.succeeded

Your Site URL, can also be found under the "Account" module- "Domain".

** Don't use, choose one of the custom URL field

For example-

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