Start here!!

This article will direct you to the first steps you’ll need to take to start using your Bamboo Cloud account.
If you feel like you need some additional guidance on any of the steps, check out the related articles for each step.

To start working with Bamboo you have to first upload some content to play around with.
Simply navigate to the “Media” module and press the “+add” button on the top part of the page.
Choose the easiest way for you to add your content.
After adding some videos, the next step would be to start customizing your platform.

Press the "edit" button on any video to find the "Player" tab, and you’ll soon be able to fully customize your player.
Change the colors of your player, add a logo and a watermark.
Now you can already use the embed code you see, to embed your new customized player where you want to use it.

For the next and final stage of the initial onboarding process,
we highly recommend that you start organizing your content into categories.
To find your categories, simply press the small green arrow on the top left part of the “Media” module.
To add your first category, press the "+" button and name it :)
The category tree you build here is important and will be used all across to organize and filter your content.
The categories will make it easier for you to search for specific videos, schedule a tv-like channel and also when building your own site and apps. 

Now get to work!

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