Building your site's menu

How to build a menu for your site

To build a menu for your site, navigate to the “Navigation” module, under “Website”.

Start by adding your first menu item, the options are- Category item, Custom link, Search bar, and Mega-menu.
"Category item" will send the users to the selected category.
"Custom link" can be any link you choose, doesn’t need to be from the Bamboo platform.
"Search bar" is a search bar, just like it sounds :)
"Mega-menu" is used for a category that has sub-categories, it will show all the subcategories in a submenu.

After adding a menu item, you’ll need to fill in the relevant fields for each option.
For all items, you’ll need to choose a side- left or right.
For category and mega menu, you’ll need to add a label and choose the category you want to use.
And for the custom link, you’ll need to set a label and, of course, add the link.

When you finish, hit “save”.
Now you can press “Go to site”, to go see your site with the new menu.

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