Set up your domain

Manage your domain

To manage your custom domain navigate to the “Domain” module, under "Website".

There are 2 options of domains that you can add:

  1. Add a Bamboo domain- To add this kind of domain, just enter the name you want to use in the URL,
    if it’s not “taken” yet, it will be approved.
  2. Add a custom domain- To add a custom domain, press the toggle on the top part of the screen and to “Add your own domain
    and add the custom URL.
    Please add an A record for your domain or subdomain to IP:

    A good way to check your A record is set accordingly is to use MXtoolbox to see your changes:

    If you're still having issues, contact our support team (, with the details of your new domain and where you run it (for example- Godaddy). And we will answer quickly with all the details you need.

After you enter your new domain, you can choose it as your default domain, and it will be used in all your quick links in the platform.

Certificate and HTTPS 

After adding your domain, you will also need to issue a certificate for it to make it secure.
You can take care of it on your own or connect us and provide your domain details and we help you set it up.

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