Working with playlists

Add and edit playlists

To add a playlist, navigate to the “Media” module, click the “+Add” button and choose “playlist”.

Start by adding videos to your playlist, do it by clicking the “add videos” button under the player.

You can easily find all the videos you want to add to the playlist by using the search option and filters on the top part of the selection box.

 When you finish selecting, simply press “Done”.

A playlist can be used in 2 primary ways:

  1. Playlist as an asset- Use the playlist itself as an asset, and embed it wherever you want.
  2. Playlist as a filler- If you want to make your own TV-like video channel and schedule your content in 30 minutes time slots, the playlist would be used to fill in the missing times between shows.

Every playlist has the same tabs you already know from other media items- “Info” and “Player” where you can edit your playlist details, style your player and get the playlist embed code.

The new tab you can find here is the “Videos” tab, where you can change the order of the videos in the playlist or remove videos from it.

Bamboo Pro Tip: Playlists only work for Bamboo videos, so adding YouTube videos isn't supported here.

Playlists tab

Choose your videos and don't forget to hit "Done"
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