Start building your site

Start building your site

Here are the first steps you’ll need to take to build your own video site.
If you feel like you need some additional guidance on any of the steps, you can check out the full tutorial video for each step.

To start working on your site, hover over the “Account” module and go into the “Domain” settings.
Here, start by choosing your own Bamboo domain.
Then navigate to the “Security” module and “Enable site pages”, these are the pages that are visible to end-point users. Here you can also choose to restrict your site to login, enable or disable registration, and more.

After enabling the site page, let’s go over the 4 settings pages under “Website” to learn how to customize them according to your needs.
The “Pages” module is where you build the heart of your site, your homepage.
On the “Homepage settings” column we focus on your “Hero unit” which is the top part of your homepage.
There you can choose between using a “Hero Carousel” which is a big slider with videos from the category of your choice (should be chosen on the “Featured Category” below), or having a text and/or an image

 After choosing how your hero unit will look, you can slide to the end of the tab, to decide which of your categories will appear on your homepage, in the “Homepage Categories” section. Here you’ll see all of the categories you built, just choose the ones you want to appear in your homepage and their ordering.

On the “Navigation” module, you can build a menu for your site that will appear on the top part of the site.
You can choose to add different items to your menu- Categories, links and a search box.

On the “Brading” module, you can edit your site’s name and description, add your logo,and add legal documents for users that will enroll to your site, like terms of use and privacy policy. 
Bamboo Pro Tip- If you don’t add your own docs, the system will use our default ones.
In addition, there is a custom CSS field, for advanced use.

On the “Language” module, you can add additional languages to your site.
By adding a language here, fields will be added to your “Media” panel,
to let you add the relevant translation to your videos and categories, and a switch language button will be added to your site.

To learn more about site customization, visit our tutorial “Advanced Customization to your site” (Coming soon).

Now let’s talk a bit about how it looks- 

When you build your site, you can use the cover image that will serve as the top banner image of this category’s page.
We have a lot of different looks for our galleries, you can switch between them in the “View type” field, vertical and horizontal, big thumbnails and small ones.
Feel free to to play with the different view types on your site.

And to decide how all your videos are ordered in the category, you choose the order option that works best for you. We have a lot of options: Newest, Oldest, A-Z, Z-A and etc.

Let’s get your brand out there!

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