Editing your video’s information

Editing your video’s information

Select a video you want to edit, this will open the edit panel.

On the “Info” tab you can find all your video’s details - its name, description, categories, and tags.
(Categories are used to organize your content).

Bamboo Pro Tip: The more metadata you add to your library the easier it is for you, and your users to search for a video.
We highly recommend adding as much info and uploading a thumbnail for all videos

Basic info

To upload a thumbnail you should use the thumbnail generator located at the top of the screen.
You can see 3 thumbnails that were randomly chosen from your video,
if you click any of them that will become your new video thumbnail.

Bamboo Pro Tip: Thumbnails are really important for videos, we highly recommend investing in good thumbnails.
By clicking on the “ Custom” button, you can choose between:

  1.  Upload - Allows you to upload any image you would like to be used as your thumbnail, this is the best practice.
  2.  Current frame - Allows you to choose a frame from your video and set it as your thumbnail.
    play the video, pause on the frame you want, and capture by using the “Current frame” button.

Thumbnail generator

On the “Permissions” tab, you can find all your video’s permissions, restrictions, and monetization.

"Privacy" field- Here you can set your video privacy whether it's public or private.
"Price"/"Package" fields - Here you can set the video price or package, so you can monetize on it.

Bamboo Pro Tip: To set prices and packages, you will need to enable price on videos from your “media settings” module.
To assign a package you will need to create at least one package.

Permissions tab

If you want to edit several videos at once, you can use the “options” button,
in order to bulk- assign categories, packages, delete videos or change their privacy status.

Bulk actions

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