Building your category tree

Building your category tree

In order to organize your content, you will need to categorize it in a way that suits your needs, content, and users.
Categories are the best way to group content together, filter it, and showcase it on your site.

Bamboo Pro Tip: Category trees are unique, and should reflect your needs.
Some use genres to organize their content, some use years, or authors.
Make sure to build the right structure for your content.

Add your first category

To start building your tree, navigate to the “Media” module and press the green arrow to open your categories panel.
By pressing the (+) button you can create new categories.
Categories are built in a tree-like structure.

In order to create a sub-category, you can press the (+) sign on an existing category,
or " drag and drop" your categories into order, everything is super dynamic.

Category treeThe "drag and drop" is sensitive so use it with care.

Bamboo Pro Tip: Moving categories with a lot of content might take several minutes to update.

To edit the category, press the pencil icon.
Here you can upload a thumbnail for your category, edit its name and description.

Bamboo Pro Tip: We recommend adding information and thumbnails for all categories,
especially categories your users will see on your site.

When you finish editing don’t forget to hit "Save".

To delete a category, click the “X” button.
Deleting a category deletes only the category itself,
it doesn’t delete the content associated with it.

After building your category tree, go ahead and categorize your videos to the right category.
Content can be assigned to multiple categories.
You can do it one by one, or use the “ actions” menu to work in bulk.
To filter videos by category, press the category’s checkbox.

Watch the video tutorial here

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