Scheduling your TV channel

Scheduling your TV channel

Scheduling the channel is done on the “ Playout” page.

You can access the schedule from:
1. The “ Channels” tab (under the media module), by clicking the “schedule” tab on your channel’s info or directly from the menu.
2. You can also find it under the “ Tools” module.

Start by selecting the channel you want to schedule.

Bamboo Pro Tip: If no content is coming up, you probably forgot to assign the channel “content categories”,
or you didn’t assign any videos to those categories. You can edit the channel directly from the playout page.
Press the " edit" button to the right of the channel name.

Quick "edit channel" option
The page will change according to the channel’s " scheduling type".

On the Scheduled (Time slots) option, will have a schedule organized by 30-minute blocks,
so you can schedule a video for a specific hour.
Just “ drag and drop” your videos from the videos list (on the left side of the screen) to where you want them to be in the schedule.

"Schedule type" Scheduled

"schedule type" - Looped

On the looped option, you will simply need to "drag and drop" your videos to the start of the day,
and the channel will run the shows in a loop until the end of the day.

To copy your schedule from one day to the next, simply press the calendar button on the day you want to copy, and choose the day you want to copy to.

Copy day

If you want to copy a range of a few days,
choose the dates you want to copy from, in the top part of the tab,
and then press the “copy range to” button to pick the range you want to copy to (the range is always a full week).
Then you’ll be asked to choose the channel you want to copy the range to,
it will be set on the channel that you’re on, but you can pick any channel. 

Copy range

When you finish scheduling, don’t forget to hit “Save”.

Bamboo Pro Tip: In order to start running your channel, don't forget to move it from "Private to Public"  on the permission tab.

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