Setup your TV Channel

Adding video channels

To add a channel, go to the “Media” module, press the “+Add” button, and pick “Channel”.

Start by editing its name and choosing its “Scheduling type”-
Decide if you want your channel to be scheduled or looped:

  •  A scheduled channel will run according to a specific schedule based on 30-minute blocks.
  •  A looped channel will run in a loop with the videos you added to it.

Bamboo Pro Tip- Scheduled channels require a playlist as filler between blocks, and on empty slots.
Make sure you have at least one playlist ready with fillers or promos for your channel.

Channel type”- You can choose between a Youtube channel or a Bamboo channel,
you can’t play youtube videos and Bamboo videos on the same channel.

Content categories”- is where you assign the content that would be used in your channel.
This is the content that you will see when you schedule your channel on the “Playout” tab.

"EPG label" - Is used to override all video labels and give your channel EPG a single unified label.
This is important for short-form videos, a good example would be a Music channel with short 3 minute videos.

Bamboo Pro Tip: To choose your channel’s time zone and date format,
go to the “media options” module and check out our “Channels settings”.

After opening your channel, visit our “Playout” article to learn about scheduling it.

"Permission" - In order to start running your channel, don't forget to move it from "Private to Public"  on the permission tab.

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